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At Early Years Resources we have sourced a wide range of science equipment which will provide educators with endless hours of scientific enquiry opportunities. We have a wide selection of KS1 science equipment for primary schools and EYFS science equipment (science teaching resources covering the Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUW) strand of the EYFS curriculum) for early childhood education setting such as nurseries, daycare and at home settings; which will inspire and enhance science experiments and investigations.

Our science teaching resources cover all the elements of the Science curriculum. We have many general science equipment to help children explore and discover for themselves – from clipboards, binoculars and test tubes, to magnifiers, microscopes and tape measures. There is a wide choice of ways to measure time too with a range of sand timers, digital timers and stopwatches.

Children are encouraged to think about environmental science, life processes and living things with our science teaching equipment covering humans (including the body, the senses, visiting the doctor, visiting the dentist and healthy eating), animals (including pets, animal photo cards, sea life, x-rays), minibeast resources (bug viewers, magnifiers and minibeast habitats), plants (growing tubes, gardening tools and greenhouse), lifecycles and habitats. We also have a range of weather teaching resources and taking care of the environment teaching resources.

Children’s study of materials and their properties can be enhanced by our teaching resources such as a metal detector, sinking and floating resources, investigating materials pack, and a vast range of educational magnet resources. We also provide a super selection of products which cover the physical processes strand of the curriculum – covering electricity and electrical circuits, forces and motion resources, light and colour resources, and sound resources.

Our KS1 Science teaching resources also include a number of ICT products. These include digital microscopes suitable for viewing small objects on a large scale. For recording science experiments or investigations, we also have a camera with video (Tuff Cam 2), a microphone (Easi Speak), a voice recorder (Talk Tracker), and a talking photo album.

To further refine you search in an attempt to find what you are looking for, we recommend that you check out our animals and sea life teaching resources. Alongside this, we also offer a range of humans teaching resources.