Reopening schools and returning to the classroom can be a daunting thing, but it's something that schools, nurseries and kindergartens across the world are facing.

Making sure you have the right set up and the right resources to keep your staff and students safe is important, which is why we've put together some essential products that will help with your setting's health, safety and hygiene safeguards.

A lot of UK schools have found that the best way to keep resources clean is to give each child their own, reducing the risk of spreading any unwanted germs.

Not only is a great hygiene solution, it is also fun for the children to have their own tray of essential learning resources for them to use and look after.

Anything can be included in them; water bottles, stationery, books... even snacks!

One of the biggest challenges schools face when reopening is ensuring children keep their distance from each other.

Whether it's room dividers, mats, or signs, we have a range of resources to help keep children at a safe distance.

In particular, using PE mats has been recommended by UK schools as being a great way to designate zones as they are easily cleaned.

One of the easiest ways to keep returning children and staff safe at school is to have lots of hygiene products on hand.

We have hand soap, hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and wipes and more to keep your classrooms clean and healthy.