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Early Years Resources stocks a variety of active play equipment, active play resources and active play toys for children in early years education. Our active play equipment, active play toys and games are suitable for use in indoor play areas and outdoor play areas in primary schools, nurseries, crèches, daycare centres, after school clubs and by childminders.

Active play aids in the physical development in toddlers and young children; and also improves their physical fitness, problem solving and decision making skills, balance and coordination, manipulation and movement. Active play encourages children to learn with confidence, imagination and safety; with an awareness of space and themselves and others. All of this can be achieved with the help of our children’s active play equipment, resources and active play toys.

Children's Play Equipment

Get children active, both indoors and outdoors with our fantastic active play equipment range which includes a varied selection of children's play equipment.

  • Activity Kits - a fantastic selection of active play kits designed to promote gross motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and physical development. Choose from a range agility sets and our own developed Early Years Resources® Active Kits.
  • Active Learning Resources - our selection of active learning resources promotes learning through play. Choose from our excellent range of active play numeracy and active play literacy resources.
  • Balance and Coordination Play Equipment - a collection of children's play equipment that is challenging and promotes agility, movement, balance and coordination whilst working together and having fun.
  • Ride On Toys - range of quality ride on toys from well known manufactures such as Rabo, Winther and Italtrike in our comprehensive range of trikes and scooters. Also available is a range of fun push and pull ride-ons for children.
  • Active Play Games - our selection of active play games equipment are perfect for promoting physical development and for use in indoor play areas and outdoor play environments. These include an extensive selection of balls (footballs, sensory balls, bell balls, foam balls, small balls), bats, rackets, skipping ropes, hoops, quoits, bean bags, basketball sets, goals and active play games.
  • Soft Play Equipment - a comprehensive range of soft play equipment for indoor and outdoor play areas. Assault courses, soft play blocks, mats, ball pools and much more.
  • Play Equipment Storage - we realise that storage can be a major problem so we have included a great range of mobile storage and equipment trolleys, boxes, chests, baskets and bags.
  • Active Play Structures - Encourage gross motor skills development with our vast range of climbing frames, slides, balance beams, pop up tents and tunnels. Ideal for outdoor and indoor play areas.
  • Creative Dance - Our creative dance selection, in our active play toys range is a recent addition to our active play equipment range and includes: dance rings, dance scarves, wrist ribbons, dance wands and bell straps.