Sand and Water Themed Tuff Tray Inspiration

Due to its amazing versatility, one of our favourite resources is our Tuff Tray. Whether you are using our Mini Tuff Tray or the standard size there are no limits to the amount of activities they can be used in! To give you some inspiration, here are our top 5 favourite ways to incorporate your Tuff Tray into sand and water activities.

1. Create a beach

Everyone loves a trip to the beach and by using some sand, water and accessories you can create your very own beach for your little ones to explore. You can even add rubbish to your beach to create an educational game. Clean up the beach using tweezers to build fine motor skills and learn about the environmental impact rubbish can have on the world.

2. Explore Jurassic World

Sand and water doesn’t always have to be so simple. To create this dinosaur swamp we made Ooblek – a mix of cornflower, food colouring and water. Then all you need is to add a couple dinosaurs and plants for a brand new sensory experience and small world play.

3. Bubble Art

Use bubble solution, or washing up liquid and water, mixed with paint to create one of a kind pieces of art. Fill your Tuff Tray with your ingredients and use a straw to blow bubbles in the solution. Gently place a piece of paper on top and when you remove the paper you are left with a masterpiece!

4. Small World Pond

It’s always fun to explore somewhere new. Small world play is a perfect way to do this without travelling afar! Head outside to find natural resources to add to your pond to make it as realistic as possible.
TIP: Add numbers to lily pads to encourage counting or use our free download to explore the lifecycle of a frog.

5. Archaeology Expedition

Go on a hunt for your very own fossils! This role play activity will encourage children to feel excited about finding the dinosaur fossils just like a real archaeologist. It’s super easy to set up and requires only 3 items, sand, fossils and a brush!

We hope this blog gave you some inspiration for your next Tuff Tray set up. We would love to see how you got on. Share your set ups with us on social media by using the hashtag #explorewithEYR

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