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5 Benefits of Outdoor Learning in Early Years

The benefits of learning outside the classroom are endless. Being outside allows children to express themselves freely and unlike an indoor classroom, there aren’t any space constraints meaning children can jump, shout and explore to their hearts content. The sense of freedom playing outdoors brings is fantastic for a child’s development, both physically and mentally. The importance of outside play in early years can’t be underestimated and below are just some of the many benefits it offers to children: Encourages an Active Lifestyle Children who learn to play outdoors are... Read More


Outdoor Play Benefits for Early Years

This article has been written by early years consultant, Anne Rodgers, from ATR Consultancy. What can children learn and experience outdoors? Children can learn and experience many things in the outdoor environment and being outdoors helps them to establish a healthy and active lifestyle. It offers children opportunities to use their bodies physically by engaging in activity with freedom of movement. This will help them to become confident in their abilities and support those children who learn best when outdoors or through activity and movement. Children will learn to run, climb,... Read More


Tips and Tricks on Taking Maths Outdoors!

During these unprecedented times we are always looking at ways in which we can adapt and switch up the environment we work in. Now more than ever we are looking for new ways that children can learn numeracy in a safe environment. Whether this is in Primary School or Nursery, with your Childminder or Home-schooling, we have the tips and tricks to adapt your usual teaching style to suit your outdoor maths lessons. So why not take the children outdoors and use the endless amount of space to explore how... Read More

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Make Time for Crafts

By John Hopley Creative Steps Editor & EYR Industry Expert. Arts & Crafts have tremendous benefits for the development of young children, and not just in a creative sense. You only have to look at the plethora of craft activities many turned to during ‘lockdown’ to realise the wider wellbeing benefits of creative pursuits, as highlighted by shows such as Grayson’s Art Club and Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Lockdown Craft Club’. Creative activities for children are, of course, great for incorporating the Expressive Arts & Design element of the EYFS and the Exploration & Using Mixed Media &... Read More

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Imaginative Play Supports Resilience

This article has been written by Jen Kinsman, EYR Industry Expert, mum of two, and youth theatre leader. In the below she shares her ideas on how imaginative play supports emotional resilience. For more from Jen, visit her Twitter or blog Raising2Children Have you ever felt drained, overwhelmed, or frustrated about a job and all you hear is, “you just need to be more resilient?” I’m glad to say evidence-based research can significantly change those opinions. Resilience is a skill we develop over time with the right kind of support.... Read More


The Benefits of Water Play

This blog post has been written by Jeanette Morris our in-house Early Years Specialist who has over 33 years of teaching experience and a real passion for Early Years Education. Water is one of the basic raw materials for purposeful play. Just like sand, clay and blocks, children can use water without being constrained by one right way to use it, it is a resource that fosters curiosity, imagination and experimentation. Whether indoors or out, it can foster cognitive development, teach mathematics and science concepts, enhance physical skills, promote social... Read More

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Ways to nurture Children’s Mental Health

Feeling lost, worried and unsure of what the future holds? It’s almost impossible for adults to comprehend in these unprecedented times so imagine how our youngest children are feeling. As we are passionate about providing quality resources for children, parents, carers and practitioners which will have a positive impact on children’s wellbeing and help them to feel in control when life is so changeable and uncertain. Children may be unable to verbalise their feelings, but may exhibit behaviours associated with worry. Creating a space for children to talk about their feelings is... Read More


Understanding Loose Parts Play: What are the benefits?

This article has been written by a British Early Years Consultant, Anne Rodgers, from ATR Consultancy. Loose parts play is about having a variety of ‘loose parts’ i.e. materials which can be moved around, carried, stacked, lined up and manoeuvred in multiple ways to enhance creativity when playing. First proposed by architect Simon Nicholson during the 1970s, more and more settings are adopting the idea that children can design their environment by themselves through loose parts play and that it can be re-designed at will. Items such as crates, wooden... Read More


Chinese New Year Traditions & Activity Ideas

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in the Chinese Calendar. It marks the start of the New Year and each year this is represented by a different animal from the Chinese zodiac. The coming year, 2021, will be the year of the Ox, symbolising persistence and honesty. Chinese New Year Traditions To celebrate the New Year, there are many traditions: Before the festivities, families clean their homes thoroughly to make them ready for the celebrations. It is considered unlucky to clean on... Read More


Wellbeing Tips for Teachers

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”–Albert Einstein With what has been happening around the world, mental health and mental wellbeing has become important now more than ever and it has become vitally important that we all learn to check in with ourselves… Mental health and mental wellbeing is a crucial element of daily life, not only affecting us but also the people around us. It can have a huge impact on the way we cope with stress, our emotions and... Read More